Setting Wellness Goals

Why are you working out? Why are you starving yourself? The answer to these two questions is pretty simple: you want to lose weight. The real question behind all of these is why you want to lose weight. You know that it is not for the dress you are going to wear for a friend’s wedding or the high school reunion you are going to at the end of the week. You know that you are up on your feet ready to exercise and limit your food intake because something tells you that doing both will help you achieve wellness like no other.

Wellness is all about achieving higher goals apart from weight loss. It is about ensuring that your body is able to withstand all types of viruses and bacteria that might threaten it. However, the road to achieving it can be quite tough. It will challenge your ability to stick to the plan. It will make you crave for the sugary treats that you are used to having. It will tempt you to skip exercise today because your body seems to be very tired. All these will make it difficult to achieve your wellness goals, but it doesn’t mean that you are bound to fail.

Perhaps all you need is to set your wellness goals and work hard to achieve it and maintain it. So how do you achieve this? Here are a few steps you need to follow:

 1. Sit down and write. When you write your personal wellness goals, you will realize that you are making them more real. By putting it in written form, you are putting a body into it, allowing you to make it real. They will be a constant reminder that you have goals and that you are working hard to achieve these goals.

2. Pick which among those goals you have written is the easiest to accomplish. Encircle it and focus on achieving it. You’d be surprised at how much more determined you will feel to work on achieving it and making it real.

3. Write a journal entry about how achieving these personal goals can change the way you look at yourself. Think about how your life is changing up to the last detail when you are able to make these wellness goals a reality. Write in bullets if you want.

 4. Now, make a list of how your wellness can be achieved. Make it very specific. If it means giving up that slice of cake after dinner, then that would be best. It should be very specific. Go down to the details. It takes courage to write down all that you will give up, but it will remind you that what you are giving up are real.

 5. From this list, transform them into real doable goals. Give your list a start-up and ending date. This will make sure that you stick to your goals. With the dates comes the responsibility to stick to it to be able to achieve that you want.

Setting goals and working on to achieve them can be quite a challenge, but if it means making you feel better inside and out, the whole journey will we worth it.

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