Report: Americans Stress Levels Are Declining

Do you suffer from stress? Get on wit it, because stress is so 2007 for today’s Americans.

The American Phycological association survey dubbed “Stress in Americaî released today found that the average American rates his or her stress levels at 4.9 on a scale of 1 and 10. The poll which had 1 for very little or no stress and a great deal of stress for 10, sampled over 3000 adults and was carried out by Harris Poll. When these survey figures are compared to a similar survey carried out in 2013, they represent a drop from an average of 5.1.

Nonetheless, Americans aren’t in the clear just yet. Most of them still get what the survey thinks of as healthy stress rating about 3.7. This is causing alarming negative consequences in people not limited to of anxiety, fatigue, irritability, and other negative health consequences. Another perturbing statistic from the survey is the fact that nearly 42% of all adults have no idea whether or not they are making their stress situation better.

For instance, more than 20% of all Americans don’t partake in any activity that alleviates their stress. For those who do, listening to music (42%), watching at least 2 hours of TV daily (40 percent) and workouts or walking (43%) is what works for them.

It is also important to note that nearly all the cases reporting high-stress levels are within households making less than $50,000 per year. Those who are in this earning bracket have stress levels around 5.2 which are worse than the previous average. The others on the higher income side had an average stress level of 4.7 which is much lower than the average. Other metrics of interest from the survey show a disparity of stress levels between the sexes; more women report being stressed compared to men. This shows that nearly half of all Americans women spend sleepless nights because of stress compared to just 32% of their male counterparts.

The campaign also yielded that, financial issues are a big contributor to stress among many Americans. In addition, the survey also revealed that stress is a common denominator at some point in life, precisely more than 72% unless they are 49 without kids or financial worries to care about since more than 3/4 of all parents, millennials and Generation X guys had finances as a source of stress.

The survey also revealed that many Americans are putting their health care on hold for some reason. Nearly 12% have failed to go to a doctor for lack of finances while more than 9% have considered it for lack of money. It’s also worth noting that financial stress rolls over to relationship stress with more than a third of those who were surveyed stating that money caused stress on their relationships.

So, do you have stress? You need a friend. According to the survey, stress is more common in disconnected people compared to people with a network of people they can turn to when they are stressed or going through tough times. This means that people with people they can share their stress issues with were less likely to state that they felt stressed at all in the long term. Their disconnected counterparts on the other side pointed out that stress was all they had.
Anderson stated in conclusion that, stress affects all Americans regardless of their creed. However, he added that those most affected are women, young adults and those in the lower income bracket. For better well-being and health, the stress issues need to be addressed forthwith.

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